Homeless Care, Maidstone Day Centre is there to help homeless and vulnerable people turn their lives around. 

The initial need is usually for hot showers, a good home cooked meal, clean clothes and a warm sleeping bag for cold nights. After that work starts on obtaining benefits, medical attention and addressing any drug/alcohol or mental health needs. The search for accommodation will be next on the list, way before job seeking, because you are unlikely to find work if you do not have an address.

It is a frightening thought that anyone can become homeless; we see people who until recently were in a steady job, living in a nice home with their families until the unexpected happened and there was no money left to pay the rent or mortgage.

The causes of homelessness are many. It could be a relationship breakdown, spiralling debt because of a partners illness, redundancy, a loaded credit card that wasn’t a problem with two decent wages or unplanned expenses like having to replace a car, the only means of getting to work. There are many routes to losing it all and it could happen to any one of us. Happily, because of people who care enough to give, homelessness isn’t forever, just a difficult path that has to be walked, but not alone. We are there to help, advise and signpost to a better place.


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