Making the world greener

We live in world of finite resources... a world where the balance of its natural ecosystems can be all too easily upset by mankind’s ill-considered actions.  As a company, we are guided by our concern for the environment, and by our desire to protect it.

This ethos is encapsulated in our corporate strapline – Together making the world greener - and it is the primary reason why we manage all of our recycling process using 100% renewable energy. 

And there’s more. Our recycling procedures are helping to protect the environment, save energy, reduce raw material extraction and combat climate change. For example, compared to refining it from ore, recycling steel reduces air pollution by a massive 86%; and 95% less energy is required to recycle aluminium than that required to extract it from Bauxite.

We are proud to be part of a process that is moving the UK towards more sustainable patterns of consumption and production, and combating climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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